Dogs rescued from marsh near Great Yarmouth doing well - but need new home

A PAIR of abandoned dogs found wandering on marsh land near Great Yarmouth are said to be doing well after being rescued.

But staff at the animal rescue centre that took the pair in are still keen to find a new home for the canine companions.

The rottweiler/collie crosses named Romulus and Cerberus were found on Halvergate Marsh two weeks ago.

Staff at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, supported by volunteers from Great Yarmouth Against Animal Cruelty, navigated the criss-crossing dykes to get to the dogs and after tempting them with food, took them back to their base at Frettenham near Norwich.

It is believed the seven month old dogs had been dumped on the marsh just a day after they were rehomed and volunteers at Hillside are now keen to find new owners for them.

Both Romulus and Cerberus are said to be happy, socialising well and recovering together after their ordeal.

? Anyone who is interested in giving the dogs a new home should call Hillside on 01603 736200.

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