Search for Norfolk dog owners to film for Channel 4 show

North Norfolk District Council has voted to extend its current ban on dogs from some of the area's m

Channel 4 series Food Unwrapped is searching for dog owners in Norfolk to take part in an upcoming show. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Could your dog become the next four-legged TV star?

Channel 4 is on the lookout for dog owners in Norfolk to take part in filming for an upcoming show.

Food Unwrapped, a consumer show investigating food production which has run for 19 seasons so far, will be looking into the food people serve up for their faithful friends.

Casting agency Ricochet is looking for dog-owners in the Attleborough area to apply to take part in a filming session later this month.

"Filming will involve answering a few questions about the food you feed your dog, or dogs, and some shots of them out for a walk and enjoying themselves," a production runner said.

"We anticipate that each contributor will only be required for short time."

Filming will take place in the area on Thursday, July 22.

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• Anyone interested in applying should email: