“Do everything you can” to get your children a place at Wymondham College, high-society magazine Tatler tells readers

Students at Wymondham college playing rugby

Students at Wymondham college playing rugby - Credit: Archant

Even the aristocracy are feeling the pinch.Wymondham College has been included in a list of 20 schools society magazine Tatler claims are the 'creme de la creme' of the state sector.

The magazine, better known for chronicling the lives of alumni of public schools such as Eton, has produced a guide to state schools for the first time in a sign even the wealthy are trying to cut back.

Tatler claims that putting two children through the private system costs about £600,000 now,

In its state school league table the magazine cites the largest state-maintained boarding school in the country, which is in Norfolk.

It said: 'There is no catchment area either - anyone with an EU passport can apply, so it's popular with expats and Forces families.'

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The magazine said: 'The state sector has some spanking-new buildings, strong discipline, sporting rigour and academic ambition.

'Plus, your child gets a better preparation for the real world, the one where not everything is handed to them on a sterling-silver platter, where there is a cosmopolitan mix, where you will have to fight to get to the top. And best of all, when you do finally get to the Cabinet, everyone will love you because you didn't go to Eton.'

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