Disgraced Breckland councillor was right to resign after video - People in Saham Toney today

Charles Carter at the Boxing Day hunt at Raynham Hall. He has been suspended following an incident w

Charles Carter at the Boxing Day hunt at Raynham Hall. He has been suspended following an incident while hunting with the Middleton Hunt. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

A disgraced councillor did the right thing by resigning, people in Saham Toney said today, after a shocking video emerged of him using sexually offensive language to a female hunt protester.

Charles Carter, Breckland Council.

Charles Carter, Breckland Council. - Credit: Breckland Council

Breckland Tory councillor Charles Carter resigned from Breckland Council yesterday.

People in the area said today they weren't surprised the councillor, who had served on the district council since 2011 for the Saham Toney ward, was in trouble.

Melvyn Johnson, from nearby Ashill, said: 'I did not really know him, but he always thought he was above everyone else. What he said to the woman on the video was 100pc out of order. That could be somebody's wife or daughter. He's not done himself any favours, and he was right to resign.'

His friend Peter Fisher, from Saham Toney, agreed, and said: 'No women should have to put up with what he said. She was only protesting about fox hunting. He was always over and above where he should be.'

Jill Glenn, clerk to Saham Toney Parish Council, did not wish to comment, and the council chairman Brian Hinkins was unavailable today.

Breckland Council leader William Nunn said it was the 'appropriate decision' to resign.

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Mr Carter was master of the West Norfolk Fox Hounds until last May. The group did not wish to comment.

In the damning video filmed on a mobile phone 41-year-old mum-of-four Linda Hoggard approached Mr Carter, who is now master of the Middleton Hunt in Yorkshire, to challenge him over his activities.

As he took out his own phone to video her, he asked her name and then told her: 'I'd quite like to **** you, actually', before adding: 'Can I take you to bed, please?'

Smiling, he then added: 'You're very pretty,' before finally asking: 'Can I have your number, please?'

Ms Hoggard told The Sun: 'For someone to say that is absolutely disgusting.'

Breckland Council has received an unknown number of complaints about Mr Carter's comments.

The EDP has asked Mr Carter for a statement but he has not responded.

Meanwhile, a notice of vacancy for the Saham Toney ward is on the council website at http://www.breckland.gov.uk/article/3430/Elections-2016-2017

Do you think Mr Carter was right to resign? Email david.bale2@archant.co.uk

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