Disaster search and rescue team in ‘earthquake’ hit north Norfolk

An emergency rescue team have set up camp in the county after an 'earthquake' struck a secluded corner of north Norfolk.

The team from Search And Rescue Assistance In Disasters (SARAID) are currently using their specialised equipment to dig through the rubble.

But the dedicated volunteers are not having to deal with the aftermath of any real rumblings, as they have journeyed to the coast for a training exercise.

The group have taken over a quarry near Sheringham to simulate a rescue mission so they can practise their release techniques and search skills.

They arrived late yesterday evening and after passing through 'customs' into the mock-disaster zone in 'Norfolkstan' they immediately set about searching for 'casualties' among the wreckage, made to simulate a collapsed three-storey block of flats.

Gary Francis, SARAID team leader from Bridgham near Thetford, said the team have worked through the night, snatching a few hours of sleep in tents as they work.

He added: 'We use a live casualties. It's normally team members, or people who are looking to join the team as it gives them an idea of what it's like to be trapped, so when they do it for real they know what it's like.'

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The team will be training at the site until tomorrow lunchtime.

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