Disabled Gorleston man faced with eviction after mum dies

Leslie Skeet says the council are threatening to evict him from the council house in Gorleston he ha

Leslie Skeet says the council are threatening to evict him from the council house in Gorleston he has lived in for 50 years with his parents.His mother recently passed away.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Council officials told a man he would have to leave his late mother's council home before she was even buried.

Leslie Skeet, 58, has lived in his parent's council house in Durham Avenue, Gorleston for the past 50 years.

He was his father's long term carer before he died 14 years ago and then for his mother, Phyllis Constance Skeet who was 88 when she died last month of pneumonia.

Mr Skeet, who is an only child, said there were a lot of memories at the house, adding: 'It's the upheaval and cost and having to get rid of all my stuff, my mum's stuff and my dad's stuff we have accumulated over the years.'

He added: 'There's only so much you can throw away, it's like throwing your whole life away.

'There are some things I don't want to throw away.'

A council housing officer visited three weeks after his mother's death, before the funeral had taken place, and said that Mr Skeet could be made to leave the home which he has lived in for most of his life.

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He was also given no guarantee that he will be able to live in the same area as he could be re-housed anywhere in the borough.

The stress of his mother's death and the fear of eviction has caused Mr Skeet, who has disabilities which mean he is unable to work, to suffer from ill-health.

He said 'At the moment it is giving me a lot of stress and worry. I'm not sleeping very well.'

Mr Skeet added he now only has a fortnight to appeal and there is no guarantee it will be successful.

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