Diesel spillage in River Yare caused by sinking boat

An oil spillage in the River Yare at Thorpe Island

An oil spillage in the River Yare at Thorpe Island - Credit: Submitted

A diesel spillage in the River Yare near Norwich was caused by a sinking boat, the Broads Authority has confirmed.

More than a month ago, a boat began to sink close to Thorpe Island, with some of the vessel's fuel leaking into the water.

The area was cordoned off by Broads Authority rangers and the boat moved -  with the area continuing to be monitored.

Thousands of people have signed a petition opposing the eviction of boat owners living at Thorpe Isl

Thorpe Island, close to where a sinking boat has caused a diesel spillage. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

A spokesman for the BA said: "Rangers attended a small spill at Thorpe Island on December 9 following reports of sinking boat.

"A boom was immediately placed around the spill and the boat moved to the slipway.

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"The Environment Agency was informed and has been working with the boatowner to prevent further problems."

The spokesman added: "When dealing with diesel spills the main priority is to stop further fuel entering the water and spreading. Once in the water, there is no way of removing it with measures such as absorbent pads. It needs to be allowed to break down naturally.

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"Unfortunately, in the winter the natural process, including evaporation, can take much longer and fuel can end up pooling on the surface - as appears to be the case in this instance. 

"As of December 16, this process was still ongoing."

However, this leakage is not connecting to one further up the River Yare in Colney, which EA officers have attributed to a drain near Chancellors Drive.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: "Environment Agency officers worked with the Broads Authority to deal with oil leaking from a boat at Thorpe Island, Norwich.

“Subsequent visits to the site by both the Broads Authority and the Environment Agency did not find any evidence of pollution continuing.”

A multi-agency meeting to discuss pollution at Thorpe Island with Norwich Norwich MP Chloe Smith will be held on Friday, January 15.

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