Did you see the Perseids meteor shower light up Norfolk’s skies?

Perseid Meteor Shower. Picture by Martin Stirland

Perseid Meteor Shower. Picture by Martin Stirland - Credit: Archant

Britain's skies sparkled last night with the return of an annual meteor shower - gracing skies across the globe.

The Perseids meteor shower always peaks around August 11 to 13, and although last night heralded the most spectacular display, tonight's skies still promise to produce a glimspe of more of 'nature's fireworks'.

Mark Thompson, television broadcaster, astronomer and president of the Norwich Astronomical Society, said meteors will still be visable for the next week and a half.

The presenter of BBC's Stargazing Live, said: 'Norfolk is a great place to view the shower because we have lots of rural areas.

'Find somewhere dark, get comfortable and keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed.'

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And with the shower clearly visable with the naked eye, viewers don't need specialist equipment, even to capture the moment on camera.

Mr Thompson said: 'A standard camera with a long exposure should work.

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'The challenge is however that you never know where they're going to be.'

And with the sky lighting up with 'shooting stars' budding photographers battled last night to capture the perfect picture.

Did you catch a glimpse of last night's starry show? Send us your pictures and tell us where you went to view Perseids meteor shower.

Pictures will be displayed on our websites.

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