Did you see strange green light in the sky over Norfolk?

An artist's impression of a meteor over Norwich.

An artist's impression of a meteor over Norwich. - Credit: Archant

A bright green light 'travelling faster than any plane' was seen in the sky above Norfolk at 11pm on Sunday night.

A reader from Upper Stoke, near Poringland, 'saw a really bright green light - which seemed to be torpedo-shaped, travelling across the sky towards Norwich, at great speed but absolutely silently.

'I could see it travelling through and above the clouds as I could see cloud beneath the light. It vanished completely after about three seconds.'

'It was travelling faster than any plane I have seen and was so bright I initially thought firework but it was a) too high; b) there were no other fireworks and c) it made no noise or explosion.

'Guessing this was a meteor of some kind but wondered if anyone else has reported anything and it would help preserve my sanity if they did.'

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