Did you go to Thetford Grammar School 60 years ago?

Thomas Paine went to Thetford Grammar School. Picture:onya Duncan

Thomas Paine went to Thetford Grammar School. Picture:onya Duncan - Credit: Archant Norfolk

Did you attend Thetford Grammar School nearly 60 years ago?

Thetford Grammar School. Picture: Ian Burt

Thetford Grammar School. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

Former students are looking to reunite with fellow pupils from around the country at the Thomas Paine Hotel for a night of nostalgia on June 30.

Frank Keenan, 60, now lives in Bracknell, Berkshire, but attended Thetford Grammar from the age of four. He is hoping to meet up with as many old school friends as possible as the group now moves into their 60s.

The retired accountant said: 'We had one around 10 years ago and another 20 years ago.

'Time is getting on a bit now and we have all hit our 60th birthdays and I think that now is a good time for us all to get together.

'We have unfortunately had three people on the boys' side of the school pass away.'

Thetford Grammar will be holding a cricket match between the members of the boys' school from the reunion and the current pupils.

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A school fete will also be taking place which many of the members are hoping to attend.

Mr Keenan added: 'We have had 25 people buy tickets so far and I'm hopefully expecting at least 30 people.

'The total number of boys and girls at the school was around 60 so that is not a bad turn out.

Thetford Grammer School is one of the oldest schools in the country dating back to 631 with it being refounded in 1566.

In the 1880s a girls' school was built alongside the boys' school before merging in 1975.

Mr Keenan added: 'The problem is there are some people we can't get hold of as they seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth.

'What we find is the more people we get in contact with the more people they have kept in touch with.'

One of the school's most notable students was political activist and philosopher Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of the USA.

Born in Thetford in 1737 he attended the school before moving to American with Benjamin Franklin where he heavily influenced the American Revolution.

Contact Mr KeEnan on 07979938554 for more information.