Decision to block “pop up” charity shop for Priscilla Bacon Lodge overturned

A charity shop for Priscilla Bacon Hospice.

A charity shop for Priscilla Bacon Hospice. - Credit: Archant

A new 'pop up' charity shop for Priscilla Bacon Lodge at Taverham Garden Centre led to deadlock at a meeting of Broadland's planning committee.

Internal shot of the charity shop launched by Priscilla Bacon Hospice in Norwich.

Internal shot of the charity shop launched by Priscilla Bacon Hospice in Norwich. - Credit: Archant

Taverham Parish Council had rejected the application to erect a shop housed in a shipping container for three years on the site of the retail unit.

In 2008, two years of wrangling to limit the impact of the garden centre led to a litany of restrictions on what could be sold, but the new application sought to make the 'pop up' shop exempt.

Two residents wrote to the committee, describing the parish's decision to block the charity shop as 'appalling'.

Janet Latchford, of Taverham Parish Council, insisted they were 'not opposed to charities', but simply abiding by Broadland's own conditions.

'It is totally unacceptable members of the parish council were put under unwarranted outside pressure to change the recommendations we made,' she added.

'This would go against restrictions and conflict with the existing shops. They would be operating on an uneven playing field. What is the point of having the policy if Broadland goes against it?'

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Martyn Gibson, of RG Carter and representing Priscilla Bacon Lodge, said they hoped to engage more with the community of Taverham, and the shop linked in to 'a wider picture', which will be announced later in 2017.

David Willmott, for Taverham, said in a statement the shop is 'not needed' and 'won't bring anything' to the area.

'I have nothing against charity organisations,' he said. 'This should be totally judged on if this proposal fits with the restrictions on the site. 'To approve this would go against Broadland's own planning arrangements and the wishes of Taverham Parish Council.'

But Sue Lawn, for Thorpe St Andrew, said: 'Charities are running on really hard times at the moment. Priscilla Bacon are desperate and they need to have our support. Considering none of the businesses have come and said to us they do not approve of this and we have two letters from residents who both support it, we owe our support to this charity.'

Councillors were tied seven for and seven against. As chairman Ian Moncur voted for, the application was passed.

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