Watch: Dash cam captures early morning starling murmuration

A starling murmuration was filmed flying over the A140.

A starling murmuration was filmed flying over the A140. - Credit: Norfolk Dash Cam

A motorist caught this incredible video footage of a starling murmuration in the early hours of the morning.

The footage captured by YouTube channel Norfolk Dash Cam and was taken shortly before 5.45am on Friday morning on the A140 near the Old Ram pub near Tivertshall. 

A spokesman for the channel said: "I've seen it happen before but never caught it on dash cam and thought it would be interesting to share. 

"I do not think it happens very often and to capture it on camera is quite special."

Wildlife expert Liam Smith, from Norwich, said: "Murmurations are large flocks of starlings that usually occur in late afternoon and early evening throughout the autumn, winter and early spring.

"Starlings have declined by around 80pc in the UK so these murmurations used to be far more common than they are now.

"In Norfolk we are quite lucky as there are a few places where starling murmurations regularly occur, including Strumpshaw Fen and in the centre of Great Yarmouth."