Man cures sleep apnoea by losing 5 stone in 40 weeks

Daniel Garwood before and after his five stone weight loss. Photo: Courtesy of Slimming World

Daniel Garwood before and after his five stone weight loss. Photo: Courtesy of Slimming World - Credit: Slimming World

A man from near Norwich no longer needs to use a respiratory machine for his sleep apnoea after shedding 70lbs.

Daniel Garwood, of Trafalgar Square, Poringland, is celebrating a new lease of life after losing five stone and eight inches off his waistline in less than one year.

Having turned his health around Mr Garwood, who before the weight loss suffered from the breathing condition sleep apnoea, was recently discharged from his respiratory clinic and now enjoys a clean bill of health.

Mr Garwood, 52, said: 'I had been overweight since my teens through to my fifties, so had struggled with my weight a long time.

'In 2013 I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnoea - a condition where you intermittently stop breathing when sleeping.'

Sleep apnoea occurs when there is an obstruction in the upper airways and being overweight is the most common cause of the condition.

Every time Mr Garwood's breathing was interrupted, his brain was being starved of oxygen, which may have increased his risk of heart attack or stroke.

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He was issued with a positive airway pressure machine and directed to use it whenever he slept - he was told he would be reliant upon the machine for the rest of his life.

Mr Garwood said: 'The last straw came in August 2017 when I returned from an eight week holiday in Thailand.

'I had to take my machine on holiday and looking at the photos I was embarrassed at the size I had reached.'

It was at this point that Mr Garwood decided to attend his local Slimming World group in Poringland, where with the help of leader Hayley Hooper he managed to turn things around.

'Three months ago I returned to the respiratory clinic at the hospital for a check up and was told by the consultant all was normal, I no longer needed the machine and he discharged me.

'I had cured my sleep apnoea by losing weight. I have since been on holiday and for the first time in five years I didn't need to take my machine.'

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