'She wanted to put smiles on faces' - Rabbit wedding display delights town

Maria Barber with a knitted rabbit wedding display

Maria Barber with the donated rabbit wedding display - Credit: Noah Vickers

An elaborate knitted display of rabbits getting married, complete with a rabbit vicar and guests, has been given to a town’s flower shop by an anonymous crafter.

Maria Barber, owner of Daisy’s florist on Dereham’s High Street, said the display had been given to her by “a lady who doesn’t want to be named - she doesn’t want anything from it or for it or anything else - but she said she just wanted to put smiles on people’s faces.”

Knitted rabbit display in Daisy's flower shop, Dereham

Mrs Barber said the rabbits' creator "wanted to put smiles on people's faces". - Credit: Noah Vickers

Mrs Barber said a number of people had noticed the display and “stood and laughed, or given a thumbs up” through the window. 

The display’s creator had made the rabbits last year, but had been delayed in giving them to Mrs Barber by the lockdown. 

Daisy's flower shop on Dereham's High Street

The display was given to Daisy's flower shop, located on Dereham's High Street. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Dereham Community Crafters are hoping to have similar displays in shop windows across Dereham in August and September, as part of an event called ‘Celebrating Dereham’. If your business wishes to take part, you can email: celebratingdereham@mail.com