Cromer’s billy-goat workers back for a ‘Happy’ Christmas

The Bagot goats back in Cromer, at Happy Valley. Picture: NORTH NORFOLK DISTRICT COUNCIL

The Bagot goats back in Cromer, at Happy Valley. Picture: NORTH NORFOLK DISTRICT COUNCIL - Credit: Archant

Media stars the Bagot goats have bagged another browsing spot in Cromer.

The eight billy goats are back in the resort, nibbling their way through vegetation at picturesque Happy Valley, not far from Cromer Lighthouse.

The North Norfolk District Council herd were set to work earlier this year on Cromer's overgrown cliff.

Having earned their keep there, they were moved to graze in Kelling while their new area of land was identified and fenced.

The striking goats, believed to be Britain's oldest breed, have featured in the EDP before, and on television.

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A fenced-off area in Happy Valley will be grazed by the goats to keep unwanted plants and excessive growth to a minimum.

Angie Fitch-Tillett, the council's cabinet member for environmental services, said: 'We're so pleased to have the goats back in Cromer. I have been asked by lots of people in town and further afield when the goats will return.

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'The goats have proved to be a real draw to the town, a talking point for residents and an added sight on the visitor's list of great things to see in Cromer.

'They are also incredible habitat managers. I hope they'll enjoy their new home and work hard to get it shipshape.'

Unlike most other breeds of goat, which favour mountains and uplands, the Bagot developed in the English lowlands.

The breed is very hardy and easy to tame.

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