Cromer Pier bottle messages wash up in Kent.

Messages in bottles launched from Cromer Pier have landed on beaches in Kent 190 miles away.

Staff at the Pavilion box office put some souvenirs of the town's pier, tourism and lifeboat into a batch of bottles to find out where the tide would take them.

Two weeks later two of the six turned up on the same day at Broadstairs and Whitstable in Kent.

Box office worker Mike Cutts said the Broadstairs one was found by a man and his daughter, who had been given show tickets for reporting their finding.

The Whitstable won was discovered by a school teaching assistant and her pupils, who had made a display about it.

'They initially thought the bottle had been at sea for two and a half years rather than two weeks because of the date of a brochure about the new Cromer lifeboat Lester,' he added.

Staff were surprised about where the bottles washed up, because it was thought the prevailing conditions at the time they were lowered into the water at Cromer would take them towards Holland.

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The bottles contained leaflets about the summer Seaside Special show, a postcard, sandcastle flag and a crab brooch along a letter saying 'hello' in French, German and Dutch.