Young woman assaulted by man near Pizza Hut

Shannon Cole, 21, was assualted near Pizza Hut on Harwick retail park. Photo: Mary Bush

Shannon Cole, 21, was assualted near Pizza Hut on Harwick retail park. Photo: Mary Bush - Credit: Mary Bush

A 21-year-old woman has told of her shock after she was assaulted in the car park of a busy retail park in West Norfolk.

Shannon Cole, 21, from Grimston near King's Lynn, was pulling into the Hardwick retail park around 2pm on Monday November 5 when a man, crossing the road punched her car and started shouting at her.

Miss Cole got out of her car to ask him why, when she was grabbed by her clothes and pushed over wooden railings.

She said: 'He grabbed me, held me over the railings and then pushed me. I have a lump on my legs and my back is sore. Two men got out of their car to get him off me and he ran off.'

After the assault, Miss Cole returned to her vehicle and drove into a parking space where witnesses came over to help her and call the police.

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Miss Cole added: 'I'm okay, shook up but I'm okay.'

Mary Bush, 24, and Cameron Quinn, 22, both from Gaywood, King's Lynn, witnessed the assault and hurried over to help Miss Cole.

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Miss Bush said: 'I was shocked and couldn't believe a older man was assaulting a young girl in public.

'When Shannon pulled into a car park space we saw she was upset and stayed with her until the police arrived.'

Mr Quinn said: 'We turned around and saw a man grab her and push her over the wooden railings. Two men got out of their car to help, they split them up. The man ran away, but 15 minutes later started walking back from the Range with a hat on that he didn't have before.

'I was shocked and didn't really know what to do at first. We went to see how Shannon was after and we all spoke to the police.'

Police are investigating the attack and a spokesman said: 'We were called at 2.17pm about a women who had been assaulted near Pizza Hut. A man approached her car.'

Anyone who may have witnessed the assault contact the police on 101.

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