Norfolk scams: DVLA texts and family WhatsApp messages

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From fake DVLA texts to WhatsApp messages pretending to be from a family member, here are some scams to be aware of in Norfolk. - Credit: PA

From fake DVLA texts to WhatsApp messages pretending to be from a 'family member' - here are some scams to be aware of which are currently being used in Norfolk.

Trading Standards at Norfolk County Council is urging families across the county to be aware of these three scams which been operating within the last week.

WhatsApp messages from a 'family member'

Trading Standards is warning families to be aware of WhatsApp messages where scammers attempt to impersonate family members to steal money.

A Norfolk resident contacted BBC Radio Norfolk after receiving a WhatsApp message which said: "Hello Mum. Just changed my number so you can contact me from here now so you can save it and delete my old number".

Believing it to be her daughter, the woman changed the number in her phone.

The following day she received further messages via WhatsApp saying that due to having the new phone she couldn’t access her bank account and needed to pay an invoice for £1,500.

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The woman became more suspicious and contacted her daughter via her original number to find out more. 

The daughter knew nothing about it and hadn’t changed her phone number.

Trading Standards advises that people should always be suspicious of messages such as these, especially if a request for money is involved, it also says people should try and contact the person who the message claims to be from via another known number or method.

Messages can be reported via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.

Texts claiming to be from the DVLA

Another scam operating in Norfolk sees text messages circulating claiming to be from the DVLA.

One recent example states ‘DVLA: We recalculated £48.84 is due’ followed by a link ‘to claim your refund’.

The text is not from the DVLA and any links contained within the email are likely to go to a genuine-looking fake version of the DVLA website which will attempt to gather personal and financial details.

Trading Standards advices to always be wary of claims made in unexpected text messages and never click on links or open attachments if approached in this way.

Messages can be reported via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.

Rogue gravel sellers

Trading Standards is warning families to be on their guard after reports of cold callers offering to lay gravel on driveways in the King’s Lynn area.

A resident was cold called at their property by a man offering gravel and an initial cost was quoted, which was agreed by the resident, but after the gravel was laid an invoice was given for a much higher fee.

Trading Standards says it is possible the scammers could move on to other parts of Norfolk.

Cold callers can be reported via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133 or Norfolk Constabulary via 101.

If someone feels intimidated by cold callers the council advises families to call 999.

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