Elderly couple fought off armed robber with carving knife after home intrusion

Beach Road, Snettisham, where the armed robbery took place. Picture: Conor Matchett

Beach Road, Snettisham, where the armed robbery took place. Picture: Conor Matchett - Credit: Archant

The victim of an armed robbery caught his attacker in the stomach with a carving knife he was using for self defence following a melee during the terrifying ordeal.

The victims, a couple in their 70s who wished to remain anonymous, were taken to hospital with hand and head injuries following the break-in which happened at around midday on Friday.

They added that the attack has spoilt the freedom of living in their house in Snettisham, near Hunstanton.

The male victim said he had initially believed the armed robbery to be a prank by friends.

He said: 'I was just sat watching the television and I looked up and saw somebody staring at me through this lounge door.

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'At first I thought it was friends playing a prank, then I looked across to my conservatory door and could see somebody else standing in that doorway. Then the penny's dropped.

'He walked towards me saying 'give me money, give me money' and I said you are getting nothing. He carried on walking towards me.'

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When the man shouted to his wife to call the police, the robber turned around, and gave him the chance to pick up a weapon.

He said: 'I walked into the kitchen knowing full well I hadn't done the washing up last night and had a carving knife and fork laying on the worktop so I've picked that up and turned around and there he is right in my face.'

According to the victim, the robber then made a sudden move towards his wife who fell and hit her head.

This, said the victim, sparked a melee where the attacker started throwing 'anything he could get his hands on' including glass vases and plant pots.

The victim added: 'I've tried to close the door and he's grabbed a large plant pot and thrown that at me and then I've really thrust a knife at him, I think I've caught him in the stomach with it and he decided to scarper.

'We were very lucky, I am pleased I did it. He has come to invade our privacy, threaten our lives, he should have quite a large portion of his life taken away.'

His wife added: 'It's not going to be nice to live here anymore with the doors unlocked. He has spoilt our freedom.'

The robber, who left empty handed, was described as tall and fair haired and around 20 or 21-years-old. Anyone with information should contact T/Detective Constable Claire Twite King's Lynn CID on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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