‘Every time I go shopping I see him laying on the floor’ - Shopper on aftermath of fatal attack in Morrisons

Floral tributes left outside Morrisons in Wymondham. Picture: Kathryn Cross

Floral tributes left outside Morrisons in Wymondham. Picture: Kathryn Cross - Credit: Archant

Children were crying and shoppers looked on in astonishment as people battled to try and save the life of the 26-year-old Nick Rogers who collapsed after a frenzied 18-second attack.

CCTV footage from Morrisons showing Nick Rogers (right) and Lee Monk (left in blue shorts and white

CCTV footage from Morrisons showing Nick Rogers (right) and Lee Monk (left in blue shorts and white T-shirt). Photo: Norfolk Police - Credit: Norfolk Police

For staff and customers alike July 17 2017 is a day which will never be forgotten by many of those who were at Morrisons to see the tragedy unfold before their eyes.

One of them was a man in his 30s from the Wymondham area who did not want to be named.

The eye witness said: 'I was shopping in Morrisons when I heard a commotion by the tills.

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'Within minutes there were police cars arriving outside the entrance and lots of officers.

'Shoppers and supermarket staff were in shock and visibly upset at seeing the man laying unconscious on the floor.

'I remember hearing an alarm going off then seeing a first aider from the store and a member of the public trying to resuscitate the man and then an ambulance first responder arrived and took over from them.

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'It was so sad as what looked like his mother turned up and was obviously very emotional screaming at the emergency services to save him.

'Then we were asked to leave our shopping and evacuate the store immediately.

'While we were all leaving an ambulance and an ambulance car arrived and then the air ambulance.

'Every time I go shopping here I see him laying on the floor in my head, I don't think it will ever leave me or anyone else who was in there that Monday night.'

Eye witnesses who spoke to the paper at the time of the incident described hearing a commotion and then witnessing Mr Rogers collapse before valiant efforts were made to save him.

A 71-year-old, who did not want to be named, said: 'He was on the floor and there was blood on the floor. There was a customer who was giving him mouth to mouth. The paramedics came and I think he stepped back.'

She added: 'The staff were trying to take control of it.

'Someone was calling for assistance, others were rushing forward to try and help. They were very, very good in there I must say.'

Countdown to supermarket killing

The fatal attack on Nick Rogers which lasted less than 20 seconds happened after the victim and John and Lee Monk ended up in Morrisons at exactly the same time.

Mr Rogers and his friend Leo Wardrop met in the Railway pub in the town from 5pm on July 17 and left at about 6.30pm to go to Nick's home address to collect his gym kit before walking towards the gym.

The pair stopped on a bench on Norwich Road for a cigarette. They then went to Morrisons arriving at 7.43pm.

Lee Monk had been at Burger King with his girlfriend prior to going to Morrisons at 7.39pm.

John had been in the Ketts pub and was picked up by friends outside Wymondham Rugby Club before arriving at Morrisons at 7.45pm.

Following the fatal attack on Mr Rogers, Lee and John Monk left the store at 7.47pm.

Lee went home and John went to a friend's house in Attleborough for a barbecue.