Balloon pilot, bee keeper, ghost tour organiser - the other jobs Norfolk police officers do to make ends meet

Hundreds of officers and civilian staff have second jobs to bolster their incomes Picture: Archant

Hundreds of officers and civilian staff have second jobs to bolster their incomes Picture: Archant - Credit: IAN BURT

A butcher, a beekeeper, a mystery shopper and a ghost tour organiser - these are just some of the second jobs being done by hundreds of Norfolk police officers.

The force's 1,581 front line officers and 1211 civilian staff must declare any work they do whilst off-duty.

Some 471 of them have registered a total of 287 paid, 178 voluntary and six unspecified roles.

All are included on the force's register of outside interests, provided in response to a freedom of information request.

They range from everyday jobs like bar work, hairdressing and lorry driving, to beekeeping, mystery shopping, organising ghost tours and 'placenta encapsulation for consumption'.

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Some officers run businesses, ranging from owning a launderette to an angling syndicate.

Property rental is a popular sideline, with 74 officers declaring themselves landlords or earning income from property rental. There are also a number of photographers, including two who use drones, a diver and a DJ.

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Voluntary posts include helping out in schools, riding an emergency blood bike and helping out at a cat sanctuary.

Norfolk police said requests were dealt with under Home Office regulations, which state the chief constable must be informed in writing of any job or business interest.

The chief will then consider whether it is 'compatible with the member concerned remaining a member of the force' and inform them of their decision.

A survey by the Police Federation earlier this year showed almost 10,000 officers - around 8pc nationally - had taken on second jobs during the previous 12 months.

Andy Symonds, the federation's Norfolk chair, said: 'I get the pleasure of speaking to a lot of the student officers we're recruiting and one of the commonest questions is can I get a second job because I don't think I'll be able to get by on the wage.'

An officer's starting salary - currently £23,000 - is set to reduce to £18,000 when a new police apprenticeship training scheme becomes operational next year.

Mr Symonds said the federation was also concerned that officers working when they were off duty were not resting physically or mentally.

Other jobs done by officers and civilian staff included in the register:

Missing pet locator

Stable hand


Golf club cleaner

Church warden

Carp bait production

School matron

Martial arts trainer

Flower seller

Motorcycle tour organiser

Foster parent


Zumba instructor

Computer repairer

Web designer

Management consultant

Yoga teacher

Balloon pilot

Cycle Mechanic

Small holder

Chair of allotments association

Army reservist


Exam invigilator

Crisis worker


Advanced driving instructor


Shelf stacker

Maths tutor

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