Scams in Norfolk: Rogue traders and fake Center Parcs competition

Suffolk Trading Standards has issued a warning over an expected increase in scams during lockdown. P

Norfolk County Council has warned of the latest scams taking place in August. - Credit: Archant

Norfolk County Council has warned of the latest scams taking place in the county.

The council's trading standards has urged people to be wary of cold calls, emails asking for money and social media postings about competitions, following reports this month.

Be wary of rogue traders offering roofing repairs

NCC is warning residents to "be on their guard" after receiving reports of doorstep cold callers in the Salhouse area.

Three men in a white van visited a property and told the owner he needed work on his roof and solar panels, which they could do "straight away for £500." He declined and they left.

A NCC spokesperson said: "Our advice is never deal with anyone who cold calls at your property."

To report any sightings of the men, or other doorstep cold calling incidents, contact Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133 or Norfolk Police on 101.

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Be wary of scammers requesting money 

One case of this involved a "suspicious email" from a person known to a Norfolk resident, which requested that they transfer money to them. 

Be wary of scam calls.

NCC is urging people to be wary of scammers requesting money posing as known phone contacts. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The victim said they were suspicious about the request as it asked for money to be sent in specific denominations and currency, and after speaking with the friend they realised that the email account had been hacked.

A council spokesperson said: "We are advising residents to always be wary of email or text messages requesting you to transfer money, even if these appear to be from individuals you know.

"We advise to double check where possible that the request is genuine before transferring money or personal information."

To report suspicious emails or texts contact Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.

Be wary of fake competitions on Facebook

People have reported a fake Facebook page this week claiming to be associated with Center Parcs UK, which has been offering free holidays.

NCC said the page has been set up by scammers for 'like-farming' which uses people's interaction to get personal data. The method is said to be used by commercial parties and scammers to raise the popularity of a site or domain, where scammers trick people into giving away personal information, money or credit card details.

The council has urged people to Before check if a page is verified, particularly for pages and posts claiming to be from big companies. 

It added: "Fake promotions or competitions on Facebook typically urge users to either engage with a Facebook post to win a prize or click a link to claim a prize. Or possibly both."

The council recommends people never interact with them

Report fake pages on Facebook by going to the page and clicking three dots from the top right and selecting 'give feedback or report this page.'

People can report fake adverts online to the The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) here.

Citizens Advice consumer helpline can also be contacted.

Be wary of phone calls claiming to be from the NHS

One case this month involved a scam call claiming to be from the NHS asking whether a person had booked their third Covid-19 vaccine. The call was ended after the caller was asked who they were.

A woman has issued a warning after she was targeted by a COVID vaccine scam text.

One scam involved a cold call claiming to be from the NHS about a Covid-19 vaccine booking. - Credit: Denise Bradley

NCC said: "These calls are not from the NHS. The call is likely an attempt to gain your personal information. If you receive this or a similar call do not give or confirm any information and hang up."

To report cold calls contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.

scam text from hermes

An example of a scam text claiming to be from Hermes - Credit: Norfolk County Council

Scams last month included fake text messages from Hermes and emails claiming to be from the DVLA.

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