Six men with ladder at village church were ‘looking for ghosts’

Holy Trinity Church, in Blythbugh, near Southwold. Picture: Google Maps

Holy Trinity Church, in Blythbugh, near Southwold. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Police are searching for a group of men who claimed they were 'interested in ghosts' following a theft at a village church.

The community has been told to "keep vigilant" after a group of "suspicious males" attended a wedding rehearsal at Holy Trinity Church, in Blythbugh, near Southwold.

According to a Facebook post from Halesworth Police, six men with Essex accents started looking at the doors of the church.

"At 1830hrs on the 17th of July, during a wedding rehearsal, six men with Essex accents in three white transit vans walked into Holy Trinity Church, Church Lane, #Blythburgh and started looking at the doors.

"When asked what they were doing they said they were interested in ghosts," they said.

"The Vicar believes they may have been after lead from the roof.

"All were white males, and two matched the following descriptions. Male 1 early 30s, 6ft, large stomach wearing a blue polo shirt and safety boots.

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"Male 2 6ft, short hair wearing a black polo shirt," they said.

According to Halesworth Police, the men drove off towards the A12. One of the vans had green lettering on the sides with a ladder on the roof.

Halesworth Police urged witnesses to contact Suffolk Police on 101.

"If you have any information about these males or see them or anybody else acting suspiciously close to churches or where metal is available. Alternatively, report on-line from the #SuffolkPolice website."

Earlier this week, Halesworth Police said metal thefts were on the increase in area.

"With the commodity price for metals rising once again, there has been a corresponding increase in the theft of scrap metal.

Last week, St. Michaels' Church at Framlingham appears to have been targeted, with potential thieves being disturbed and four occupants making off in a vehicle. Church roofs are particularly attractive to thieves because of the relatively high value of the lead used.

"Other items targeted are vehicle catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters due to the precious metals they contain," they said.

Suffolk Constabulary confirmed the crime was reported to police but did not add information to the appeal.

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