Police launch probe after motorist tweets she knocked cyclist off bike in Norwich


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Police in Norwich have launched an investigation after a woman claimed in a tweet she had knocked a cyclist off their bike.

The motorist, who we have decided not to name, tweeted, 'Definitely knocked a cyclist off earlier - I have right of way he doesn't even pay road tax'.

The tweet, which was posted on Sunday but has since been removed, was quickly picked up by Twitter users who alerted police via the social media network.

Police, who have confirmed they are investigating the incident, tweeted the motorist directly stating, 'we have had tweets ref an RTC with a bike. We suggest you report it at a police station ASAP if not done already & then dm us'.

Norwich police have thanked those who have brought the matter to their attention and added, via their Twitter page, that they are looking into the matter further.

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The post states: 'Thank you to all those that have forwarded tweets on a bike RTC. We have the info we need and are making further enqs.'

A spokesman for Norwich police said they have had no reports of a collision involving a bike on Sunday, but were investigating the matter further.

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The spokesman today confirmed that, further to recent social media postings on a road traffic collision involving a cyclist yesterday in the Norwich area, Norfolk Constabulary has had 'initial contact with both parties involved and enquiries continue'.

Twitter users have praised police for investigating the tweet which has prompted concern among cyclists in the city.

Margaret Todd, a committee member of the Norwich Cycling Campaign, a group which lobbies for better cycle facilities in Norwich, said the tweet was worrying but hoped these attitudes would disappear as more cyclists took to the streets.

She said: 'Hopefully these sorts of views will become a minority as people just take it for granted in the same way as people have got used to speed humps or other things that may hinder their freedom as a motorist.'

She added: 'There is research that shows the more cyclists you have the better it gets for the individual cyclists and the more car users get used to cyclists being around which has happened in London and other cities, so hopefully Norwich will improve as we get more cyclists.

'If car users are cyclists they tend to be more aware and considerate.

'While cyclists may do worrying and even illegal things they're much more vulnerable road users and car drivers need to be aware of that the same as if you're a pedestrian. They need to be aware that they're driving a lethal machine potentially.'

Chloe Smith, Norwich North MP, said: 'This may sound like a bit of dirty laundry being aired in public but actually it's really important - road safety is crucial for all road users as is civility on the road.'

Miss Smith added she hoped 'no-one was seriously hurt'.

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