Taverham home owner describes how he was left with unfinished jobs by Norwich builder

John and Catherine Miller leaving Norwich Crown Court. Picture: Archant

John and Catherine Miller leaving Norwich Crown Court. Picture: Archant - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2019

A Taverham home owner described how he was left with a list of unfinished jobs after he had an extension built by a Norwich builder despite giving him every chance to put things right.

John Miller, of Three Mile Lane, Costessey, specialises in house extensions, but customers have complained about nine of his projects, costing £250,000 in total.

The 46-year-old is on trial at Norwich Crown Court for fraudulent trading and money laundering, which he denies in a prosecution brought by Norfolk County Council Trading Standards.

Michael Whitmore and his partner Hayley Dyball decided to build a single storey extension in 2017, at their Taverham home, after seeing an extension he built for another customer.

The court heard despite knowing there was issues with reliability they got Miller to do the work, after he gave them reassurances.

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The jury heard that work started on November 27 and at the beginning of January the internal work started,

In addition the couple got Miller to fit a new kitchen, which Mr Whitmore claimed had a number of problems and they then had to pay other fitters to finish the work.

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In total £18,075 was paid to Miller and he said he had to pay for additional work and have to have a floating floor, concrete screed and redecoration following a water leak.

He said a large number of issues were left when Miller stopped working on the site and said they still had to pay for a step to be constructed outside the extension in order for Building Control to sign off.

He said so far they had spent a further £6,000 on jobs, which they had to get loans and put on credit cards.

He told the jury: 'We are getting there. We have just paid someone to do the patio outside.'

He said a large number of issues remained by the time Miller stopped working on the site.

Mr Whitmore told the jury: 'I gave him a chance to put things right.'

Asked by Miller's barrister Mark Tomassi if he threatened to go to trading standards unless he finished some of the work Mr Whitmore denied making any threats.

'Not once did I threaten him.'

Miller's wife Catherine, 38, has also been charged with money laundering, which she also denies.

The trial continues.

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