Teen who stabbed mum’s partner said she was ‘crying out for help’ over domestic abuse

Paul Smith was jailed for attacking a grandfather in a pub PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood

Paul Smith was jailed for attacking a grandfather in a pub PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

A teenager who stabbed her mother's partner repeatedly in the back said she had been 'crying out for help' over domestic abuse in the home.

Shanice Myers, 19, attacked her mother's partner Daniel Paul armed with two knives on the evening of May 5.

Myers has told Norwich Crown Court of a history of abuse and violence Mr Paul used to inflict on her mother.

And under cross-examination on Thursday, Myers said she feared he was "going to end up doing something terrible to her" when she heard them arguing.

"Both of them was arguing and it was getting aggressive and heated," she said.

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Robin Griffiths, prosecuting, said it was a "sustained, brutal attack" on an unarmed man after Myers had drunk a small bottle of vodka.

"In an alcohol fuelled rage you attacked him with those two deadly weapons, struck him repeatedly, and in doing so you were trying to kill him," said Mr Griffiths.

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"Was the purpose of taking in two knives that your intention was to inflict as much damage as you could in as short a space as you could?"

But Myers said she feared if she had armed herself with just one knife Mr Paul could have disarmed her.

"If he could get it off me I would end up dead, or my mum," she said.

"I had no intention to kill Mr Paul. My main focus was to stop him hurting my mum. Not to kill."

She said the attack had been "frenzied" and was over in "a matter of seconds".

"He was trying to grab the knives out of my hands and I was going quite quickly," she said.

"I did not have a set place for where I wanted to stab him.

"There was no control or thoughts of what was happening in that moment. It happened frantically.

"I went in thinking he is not going to be able to retaliate and hurt us.

"The reason is was so frenzied and frantic is he was trying to grab my wrists and my arms."

Mr Griffiths said: "He was trying to stop you continuing to stab him. Was he in a position to dispossess you of the knife, lying in a crumpled heap on the floor."

The prosecutor also suggested Myers should have contacted social services to have Mr Paul removed from the home if she just wanted him out of her life.

"I wanted him to leave the home and be far away," said Myers.

"I rang police on multiple occasions crying for help. My mum couldn't meet them halfway so it just carried on and got worse."

Myers, of Proctors Close, Lynn, is accused of the attempted murder of Daniel Paul on May 5 this year.

Myers is also charged with wounding with intent on the same date.

She has denied both offences.

The trial continues.

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