Camera could be fitted on notorious rat run to catch drivers flouting the rules

Access restrictions in place in White Horse Lane, Trowse. Police have issued a warning after catchin

Access restrictions in place in White Horse Lane, Trowse. Police have issued a warning after catching 27 drivers breaching the restrictions in a single morning. Picture: South Norfolk Police - Credit: South Norfolk Police

A notorious rat run outside Norwich could soon be fitted with a camera to stop motorists flouting its access restrictions.

For several years White Horse Lane in Trowse has been off limits to road users - expect buses and cyclists - between 8am and 9.30am on weekdays.

But motorists chancing their luck on the cut-through to Norwich city centre have led police to conduct regular enforcement patrols in the area.

The latest, by south Norfolk police officers on Monday morning, resulted in 27 drivers being caught in breach of the restrictions in a 90-minute period - and a warning that further patrols would take place.

The drivers clocked are expected to be issued with notices of intended prosecution for a traffic offence.

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Due to continued flouting of the rules, plans are now being discussed to fit a camera in White Horse Lane - which crosses under the A146 - to catch any motorist using the road when they shouldn't be.

James Smerdon, Trowse Parish Council chairman, said the bus gate had been in place for around 20 years but that drivers still pushed their luck with the rules.

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"Part of the reason why that was put in in the first place was because of the county traffic flows, because people cutting through there slowed down the [Norwich] ring road," he said.

"It is a run that police are very well aware of. The restriction is there for a very good reason. It is a well used cut through, but it is an illegal one."

Mr Smerdon said plans to put a camera on the road were "in the final processes".

"Then it will not matter whether the police are there or not," he said.

Back in February 2018 residents in Trowse raised concerns about the restrictions and their effect on residents in the village.

It followed police monitoring of the road which found several people flouting the rules.

At the time White Horse Lane resident Trevor Lewis, then a South Norfolk councillor for the village, said the road had been "used and abused" by traffic but that the restriction was "not an ideal situation" for residents.

Mr Smerdon said the restrictions were an "inconvenience" to residents but that the village had been consulted about their implementation.

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