Drivers caught speeding ‘well in excess of 45mph’ in 30mph zones

Drivers were caught speeding in a 30mph zone in Costessey. Picture: Ian Burt

Drivers were caught speeding in a 30mph zone in Costessey. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Police have caught a number of drivers speeding at 'well in excess of 45mph' in residential areas where the limit is 30mph.

South Norfolk police last night carried out speed enforcement checks in Costessey, near Norwich, where there have been long-running complaints that drivers do not stick to the limit.

Police tweeted that they had stopped three drivers who were going too fast in 30mph residential areas.

They said: "Disappointingly, all three were professional drivers and all were doing speeds well in excess of 45mph." All three of the drivers have been reported for the offences.

The checks in Costessey came in the midst of a fortnight-long crackdown by Norfolk police, which coincides with a national anti-speeding campaign.

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The campaign started on Monday, August 12 and will continue until Sunday, August 25, with a visible presence of officers on the roads to stop speeders.

Motorists caught speeding will be issued with a Traffic Offence Report and face a fine, points on their licence or possible court action.

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Speeding has been a long-standing issue in Costessey.

Costessey Town Council has been trying to persuade the Speed and Safety Camera Partnership to install cameras along West End.

When permission was granted for the Northern Distributor Road, now known as Broadland Northway, the consent order stated that measures to minimise rat-running through areas such as Costessey must be approved.

But the order has yet to be written off, with Costessey Town Council wanting average speed cameras, but police and the speed and safety camera partnership not supporting it.

Gary Blundell, a town councillor, took it open himself to demonstrate just what a problem speeding is. He worked with a local company to test cameras which recorded the speed and number plates of vehicles.

The mobile automatic number plate recognition system was used in the 20mph zone in West End from Friday, May 24 until Friday, May 31 and recorded more than 2,000 drivers speeding at 27mph or more.

It included 617 motorists who were spotted travelling between 31mph to 41mph and nine who were doing between 42mph and 47mph.

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