Norfolk police break up rave near Thetford

A rave in a forest near Thetford has been broken up by police.

Officers moved in on an area of forestland at Two Mile Bottom, Thetford, at around 11am on Saturday morning.

At the height of the event there were believed to have been up to 150 people attending. A boarded up holiday house had been broken into and used by the organisers.

Officers had been closely monitoring the situation since midnight and were actively turning away people attempting to attend.

No complaints were made in relation to noise nuisance. The nearest property was around half a mile away.

Supt Nick Davison, from Norfolk police, said: 'The constabulary takes such incidents very seriously and will take action to deal with anyone intent on causing disruption and nuisance within our local communities.

'Such events are unsafe and we will continue to prosecute and seize and destroy the equipment of anyone found to be involved.'

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Sound equipment was seized and six arrests were made for offences including theft, burglary, being unfit to drive, criminal damage and organising an unlicensed music event.

All of those arrested were taken to Bethel St Police Station.

Members of the public are urged to play their part and support police action by remaining vigilant and reporting and suspicious activity which may lead them to believe a rave is being organised.

Contact Norfolk police on 0845 4564567.

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