Men pestered woman for sex after stalker made fake ‘Party Girl’ dating profiles of her

Judy Konoba, 51, had been drinking when she returned to her property, a half way house run by St Mar

Judy Konoba, 51, had been drinking when she returned to her property, a half way house run by St Martins Housing in Norwich and came into contact with the victim (Picture: Archant)

A 'petrified' woman received emails from men asking for sex after a stalker created fake profiles of her on internet dating sites, a court heard.

The woman even had a man visit her home on the basis of the profiles, which said 'Party Girl', 'Like what you see? Wanna touch?' and made up sexual conversations.

Norwich Magistrates' Court heard that Cameron Broad, 25, created the profiles as he stalked his victim over a four-year period.

The court heard Broad worked out where she lived from her Instagram pictures and visited the street to confirm the exact house.

He then created the fake profiles on at least two dating sites.

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Broad, of Granary Way, Hingham, appeared in court on Tuesday (November 20) having previously admitted an offence of stalking without fear/alarm/distress between September 14 2014 and July 9 2018.

In her written statement the woman described how she received emails from men asking her for sex, which led to a man turning up at her home in June after Broad gave out her address online.

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'I was driven to the point where I no longer felt safe,' the court heard.

She had moved into the house two months earlier with her partner, when an acquaintance messaged her saying her name and address was on a dating site, 'basically asking for sex'.

She said the information left her 'absolutely petrified'.

Broad, who admitted stalking when he was arrested by police, was described in court as 'a loner' who lived 'a fantasy life' and had meant no harm. He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.

Linda Lambert, chairman of the bench, said the offence had 'a high degree of planning, was sophisticated and had the intention to cause maximum stress'.

Broad was also made the subject of a five-year restraining order, banning him from contacting the victim directly or indirectly. He was ordered to pay her £300 compensation and a £115 victim surcharge.

The victim said: 'It's impaired my life far too long and I just want to be left alone and for my life to be normal. I'm always going to be wondering why me?'

Stalking became a criminal offence in 2012 with a maximum six-month jail sentence and stalking involving fear of violence carrying a five-year maximum.

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