Man stalked ex-partner by repeatedly ringing, leaving messages and posting social media abuse

A man stalked his former partner after they split up while coming to terms with the loss of his grandmother and a miscarriage, a court heard.

Ryan Guyton, 26, stalked his former partner and caused her serious alarm and distress.

Norwich Magistrates Court heard the Guyton repeatedly called, left abusive voicemail messages as well as abusive and threatening status updates on social media.

The defendant also attended outside the victim’s address in Norwich and watched her.

Guyton, of Mousehold Street, Norwich, appeared in court on Tuesday (September 15) for sentence having previously admitted stalking involving serious alarm/distress between May 16 and 30 this year.

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Andrew Spence, mitigating, said this was wholly uncharacteristic behaviour from the defendant who at the time was coming to terms with losing his grandmother and also having experienced a miscarriage as well as the break-up of a relationship.

Mr Spence said: “It’s not the way he would normally react.”

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He told the court the defendant he “struggles to understand” now why he behaved as he did.

Mr Spence said the defendant, who has issues with his mental health, turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism which was uncharacteristic for him.

But Guyton pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, had since stopped drinking and sought help for his anger management.

Mr Spence said Guyton also wanted to apologise for his behaviour and does not want the victim to “go through any further emotional distress or turmoil”

The court also heard four character references on behalf of Guyton, including one from his mother, who said he had made a terrible mistake for which he was “regretful and remorseful”.

Meanwhile, a reference from the defendant’s aunt, described how how had expressed deep remorse for “making such a serious mistake”.

Guyton was made the subject of a 24-month community order as part of which he needs to complete a building better relationships programme.

He was given up to 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement (RAR), 150 hours unpaid work, ordered to pay £50 costs a £95 victim surcharge.

Guyton has also been made the subject of a 24-month restraining order prohibiting him from contacting the victim.

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