‘None shall leave an imprint as great as mine’ - boast of man accused of murdering 83-year-old Peter Wrighton

Alexander Palmer. Picture: Facebook.

Alexander Palmer. Picture: Facebook. - Credit: Facebook

A former soldier accused of killing a Norfolk grandfather had boasted about how he would be remembered 'studied, revised and hopefully re-enacted in the many centuries to come', a court has heard.

Peter Wrighton. Picture: Norfolk Constabulary

Peter Wrighton. Picture: Norfolk Constabulary - Credit: Archant

The claims were made in extracts from notes written by Alexander Palmer which were read to the jury at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday (February 22) afternoon.

Palmer, 24, of Freesia Way, Cringleford, is on trial accused of murdering Peter Wrighton as the 83-year-old walked his dogs in East Harling on August 5.

In undated notes, read out by prosecutor Stephen Spence, Palmer said lying was 'second nature to him'.

'I see every little point in the monotony of normal life. I look around at the other sheep and think to myself 'why am I set apart from these',' one note read.

East Harling murder. Picture : ANTONY KELLY

East Harling murder. Picture : ANTONY KELLY - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

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'They sit there drinking their tea and coffee early on the Monday morning, and reminisce over the weekend antics.

'They laugh, joke and swear over the hilarity of their own lives and I cannot help but venture back, in my mind, to the one perfect moment that has defined my entire existence.

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'In fact, with this one simple act I have opened the eyes of every single remaining member of that family and hopefully reached, at least, the ears of most of the UK.

'MURDER! Murder they called it, as they wrote up my ascendance to greatness. My gift to you. They weren't even there to witness my art in all its glory, only its aftermath. I wonder what people will say for years to come. How did he? Why did he?'

Another extract said: 'It brings me solace to know that all my hard work shall finally go noticed by the educated class. It shall be studied, revised and hopefully re-enacted in the many centuries to come. But none shall leave an imprint as great as mine.'

Mr Spence also read out extracts from Palmer's medical notes, which dated back to May 2014 and were put together by various mental health professionals.

He said a note from a psychiatrist, dated January 20, 2015, stated Palmer had been 'hearing a voice on the ward'.

'He described it as his own voice but deeper,' Mr Spence said, 'The voice instructs him to harm others.'

An extract from January 29, 2015 said the hallucination was 'a younger Alex', which 'had always been with him.'

The court heard how a medical note dated January 15 stated that 'He [Alex] said he is thinking of going for dog walkers'.

'He said he hates dog walkers. He said that this was because they were constantly muttering things about him under his breath, e.g. 'weak and ugly',' the psychiatrist's note said.

'He said he would tie them to a fence and cut them open. He said he would only do this to dog walkers or people going into their houses with their dogs. He said he did have a definite plan, but it was not fool proof.'

Reading an extract from February 9, 2016, Mr Spence said Palmer again spoke about his 'wish' to harm dog walkers.

He said Palmer was referred by a GP to a specialist in January 2017 following concerns around a 'relapse' of psychosis.

The medical note said: 'Past three months, increasing auditory hallucinations, mainly commentary, however command hallucinations to harm others becoming more frequent.'

The note added Palmer had recently bought a hunting knife and machete.

Palmer, who appeared in court in a dark suit, denies murder.

The trial continues.

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