Man ‘spat’ on bouncer and kicked police officer after being thrown out of nightclub

Qube Bar and Nightclub, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. Picture: Denise Bradley

Qube Bar and Nightclub, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2012

A man who abused door staff and kicked a police officer outside a nightclub on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich has been handed a four month curfew.

20-year-old Jack Harris had drunk a "considerable amount" of alcohol by 1.30am on July 18 and was ejected from the Qube nightclub.

Norwich Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday Harris had "lunged at" a door supervisor who had asked him to leave the club, before "kissing" him on the back of the head.

Police who attended had to put Harris in a spit hood as he was transported to custody.

He admitted two assaults and an assault on an emergency service worker on Tuesday.

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The court heard Harris tipped his drink over the door supervisor and was "verbally abusive".

"As the door supervisor went to walk away the defendant spat on the back of his head," said prosecutor Stacie Cossey. "He then threw a drink in a woman's face, apparently for no reason at all.

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"Police officers arrived and in the process of being detained he kicked a police officer to the upper left arm and had to have a spit hood put on.

"He was verbally abusive to officers and spat repeatedly in the prison van."

Harris gave a no comment interview, and has no prior convictions.

Annette Hall, mitigating for Harris, said he was "mortified and disgusted" at his actions.

"He had a very limited recollection of what happened," she said.

"While he was being interviewed was the first time he realised exactly what he was being accused of. It is very clear he had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol which caused him a lot of issues with his behaviour.

"He is not proud of his behaviour whatsoever."

Harris claimed he had "kissed" the doorman on the back of the head rather than spitting.

"He was a complete handful," said Ms Hall. " For some mad, bizarre reason he has gone up and kissed him on the back of the head. He has no idea why he did that.

"He is absolutely distraught, mortified and disgusted with his actions.

"When he drinks to excess he turns into a horrible character."

Harris was given a four month curfew and made to pay £400, including £225 in compensation.

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