Jury to be sent out in King’s Lynn murder trial

The jury was due to be sent out this morning in the trial of a man accused of stabbing and hacking to death a King's Lynn man.

Thirty-one year old David Williams was found dead at his home in Leicester Avenue, Gaywood.

Norwich Crown Court had previously heard he had been attacked with weapons including a kitchen knife, samurai sword and a martial arts kendo stick.

His former lodger, Duane King, 28, of North Everard Street, King's Lynn, has denied murdering Mr Williams on March 11, this year.

The jury was due to be sent out at 10am today to consider its verdict after the case was yesterday summed up by Judge Peter Jacobs who told them they must decide the case on the evidence that was before them and not to speculate about what evidence might have been called.

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He said: 'The evidence must lead you to the sure conclusion that the charge the defendant faces is proved against him.'

Judge Jacobs also told the jury to decide the case without sympathy for one side or the other despite feeling sympathy in the light of the horrific way in which Mr Williams lost his life.

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The judge was speaking after Jonathan Goodman delivered his closing defence speech. Mr Goodman said the prosecution had tried to create a jigsaw of pieces of evidence and put them all together to show Duane King was a killer.

But Mr Goodman said that when pieces 'didn't fit' they tried to hit them harder so they did fit and when the pieces did not fit they 'discarded' them. He said: 'If you're not sure, and on the prosecution evidence I say you can't possibly be sure of what happened, you cannot convict Duane King and I invite you to acquit him.'

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