‘It’s only a tiny minority of people we’re really focusing our attention on’ - chief’s thoughts on policing Norwich vs Ipswich derby

Fans are being encouraged to take selfies with police officers, as the officer in charge of policing

Fans are being encouraged to take selfies with police officers, as the officer in charge of policing at Norwich vs Ipswich derby speaks about the event. Picture of Norwich fans walking to a previous game between the teams. Picture: James Bass . - Credit: Eastern Daily Press � 2008

The officer in charge of policing at today's much-anticipated East Anglian derby game between Norwich City and Ipswich Town says supporting units will be on stand-by if needed.

Chief superintendent Dave Marshall added the police usually only focus on a 'tiny minority of fans' during games like today's at Carrow Road, and praised the collaboration of Norfolk and Suffolk police officers.

A policing operation involving more than 300 officers from both counties has been designed with the aim of keeping people safe and to assist travelling fans from the train station and coach park to the stadium.

And specialist units such as mounted officers, dog handlers, and air support will be available to support the policing on the day.

Chief superintendent Marshall told BBC Radio Norfolk: 'The atmosphere is generally very good, very electric.

'As ever it's only a very small minority of people that we're really focusing our attention on, but it's a tiny majority.

'Some people like to have a drink before football which can make things a bit rowdy.'

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But he said officers usually enjoyed policing the event and he encouraged fans to say hello to his staff and take selfies.

'Our key message is making sure the day goes successfully, making sure everyone has a fantastic day in Norwich,' chief supt Marshall said.

'These events are special and it's not often we have events like this in our home city.

'They are quite nice events to police, we enjoy the events as well, and hopefully we can have a really good day and shake hands with everyone taking part.'

Normal road closures will be in place around Carrow Road after the match, but some other roads could be closed for a short period prior to kick-off to allow fans to walk safely to the stadium.

Officers will be signposting Ipswich supporters to the stadium via Lower Clarence Road, Clarence Road and Carrow Road, as they did when the teams last met in the city in 2015, and it is these roads which could possibly be closed.

Today's match kicks off at noon.

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