Mum, 18, died after drinking session, inquest hears

A young mum who died after choking on her vomit had drunk most of a one litre bottle of alcohol, an inquest has heard.

The hearing into the death of Lucy Humphries, 18, of Market Lane, Wells, took place at Norfolk Coroner’s Court on September 14.

Miss Humphries, who had an infant son, died on March 3 at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital after an evening drinking in her room at home with her boyfriend, Jordan Brown.

Senior coroner Jacqueline Lake reached a conclusion of alcohol-related death.

Mrs Lake said: “This is a very tragic case of the adverse affects of drinking too much alcohol.”

Mr Brown said he bought a bottle of vodka for Miss Humphries, and during the evening they had made a trip to a nearby Co-op to buy a small bottle of whiskey, which he drank.

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Some time after midnight he said she fell asleep on the floor and was snoring heavily.

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He said he sat with her on the floor for about 45 minutes, but as he could not wake her or lift her into the bed, he put her into the recovery position, covered her with a jacket and fell asleep in her bed.

“If I had concerns I would have done something,” he said.

Mr Brown said he woke up about 4.30am when Miss Humphries’ son, who was also in the room, had awoken.

He said: “I looked over at Lucy. She was still in the position that I put her in and was snoring even louder.”

Miss Humphries was found unconscious just after 7am the following morning when her mother, Lisa Humphries, who lived at the same house, entered the room.

Vomit was found to be blocking her nose and throat, and after unsuccessful attempts to revive her, she was flown by air ambulance to hospital, where she died.

During the inquest, Lisa Humphries questioned some of the evidence, including the presence of methanol - a substance found in bootleg liquor - found in her daughter’s system.

A 1cm by 2cm piece of plastic was found in the back of Miss Humphries’ throat, but Dr Suresh Kumar, one of the consultants involved in her care, said this was unlikely to have contributed to complete airway blockage.

In summing up, Mrs Lake said: “I am satisfied from the evidence that Lucy drank alcohol of her own accord, which led to her aspirating on sick. I do accept that there are some questions that will never be answered and there is some conflict from the evidence. However it is clear that Jordan had also been drinking alcohol and there is no evidence other than Lucy drinking too much alcohol and dying as a result.”

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