'Haunted' victim speaks out as Rolex robbers get 37 years

Freddie Aguis, John Weaver and Shane Johnson, who have been given a total of 37 years for robberies including one at Hingham

Freddie Aguis, John Weaver and Shane Johnson, who have been given a total of 37 years for robberies including one at Hingham Photo: Norfolk Police - Credit: Norfolk Police

A gang who targeted people for their Rolex watches have been given sentences totalling more than 37 years - as one victim said she was "haunted" by her ordeal at their hands. 

Freddie Aguis, 29,  and Shane Johnson, 30,  were each given 16-year extended sentences and John Weaver, 35, was jailed for five-and-a-half years.

After the sentencing at Norwich Crown Court, a Norfolk woman targeted by the gang for her Rolex watch said whatever sentences handed down she had been left with a life sentence and was still haunted by what happened.

Norwich Crown Court heard how gang members followed the victim, in her 50s, for more than 100 miles from London before she was violently mugged when she stopped outside Hingham Fish Bar.

The victim was attacked from behind and had a hand placed over her mouth so she struggled to breathe and her watch and jewellery were stolen before they drove off in her Mercedes car.

The victim said: "For victims like me we have a life sentence. You watch people being grabbed from behind in the dark on TV. It's entertaining and it may make you jump, but that is it. When It happens in reality together with what else happened, it is indescribable.

She added: "I am thankful for for brilliant family, friends and neighbours or I would not be here now as you relive it countless times every day and every night."

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The victim said she worked hard all her life and the stolen jewellery was left to her by her mother, who recently died.

She added: "They got away with everything that meant so much."

The court heard despite her plea for the return of items, nothing had been recovered.  

Aguis, Johnson and Weaver admitted the Hingham robbery on March 13, 2019.

Aguis and Johnson also admitted two further robberies involving Rolex watches. In one robbery a Rolex worth £25,000 new was stolen and in another a watch worth £20,000 was taken.

Jailing them Judge Katharine Moore said the robberies had a profound effect on the victims both physically and psychologically.

She said that Aguis and Johnson were a danger to the public and imposed a 16-year extended sentence on both men with Aguis having 14 years custody and Johnson 13 years.

Dominic Bell, for Aguis, said that he had acted as a driver in the robberies.

John Lucas, for Johnson, said that he had been just a yes man and not involved in any planning.

Nick Robinson, for Weaver, said that he was made to take part in the Hingham robbery to pay off a drugs debt.

The court heard how the gang attacked the victim when she stopped in Hingham to get some shopping and chips.

She called out for help but was told to shut up and rings were pulled from her fingers and her Rolex snatched.

A few days later Aguis and Johnson were involved in a London robbery when the victim was struck by a car and chased down before having his Rolex stolen.

In the third robbery, the victim was followed from London back to his Worcester home and he was beaten with a baseball bat and made to hand over his £20,000 Rolex.

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