Two drug dealers ordered to pay back £755

Kylann Grannum (right) and Shaun Byers (left) pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to supply

Kylann Grannum (right) and Shaun Byers (left) pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in Norwich. Picture Norfolk Constabulary. - Credit: Archant

Two men jailed for supplying heroin and cocaine in Norwich have been ordered to pay back a total of £755, which was cash seized on their arrest

Kylann Grannum, 22, of Tingagel Drive, Harrow, London, was jailed five years in February, after he admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in Norwich, between June and August, last year.

His co-defendant Shaun Byers, 41, of The Lathes, Norwich, who also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, was jailed for three years, nine months for his part in the drugs operation.

Grannum was back at Norwich Crown Court for a proceeds of crime hearing to claw back cash. Byers refused to attend the hearing.

Hugh Vass, prosecuting, said Grannum had £620 in cash which was seized on his arrest and said that was the only asset available for confiscation and said that Byers had £135 seized.

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He said that the benefit figure for Grannum was put at £20,000 and said the agreed confiscation figure was £620.

Mr Vass said: "That is already in the hands of police,"

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His barrister Russell Fraser, said that all the paperwork for the confiscation hearing had been agreed.

Mr Vass said that although Byers had not attended the hearing the benefit figure for him was put at £5265, and said in his case there was a confiscation amount available for £135, which was also cash seized on his arrest.

Oliver Kelham, for Byers, said that although he had not attended court it was hoped that in the new year he would sign the necessary paperwork to agree the order.

Judge Stephen Holt said that both men should serve 28 days in default of any payment, although all the cash was already being held by police.

He told Grannum that was now the end to the proceedings and said: "There is nothing more you need to do."

Grannum was arrested following an undercover police operation, which targeted a London based gang operating in Norwich.

The majority of the dealing took place in alleyways around The Lathes, Oak Street, Chatham Street and Bakers Road.

During the investigation, Byers was witnessed supplying drugs to known users and was believed to a main runner for the line, which was based in London

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