Boris Johnson gives his view on ‘Happy Brexit Day’ poster

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said the 'Happy Brexit Day' poster on Winchester Tower is "news to

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said the 'Happy Brexit Day' poster on Winchester Tower is "news to me" Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The prime minister has condemned the 'Happy Brexit Day' poster put up in Norwich - but stressed the importance of foreign residents learning English.

Addressing the media in London on Monday lunchtime, Boris Johnson was asked directly about the poster - which was put up in Winchester Tower on Friday, prompting a defiant response over the weekend.

A Greek journalist said: "There has been a Brexit Day poster that demanded foreigners speak English or leave the UK. Do you condemn this and do you fear that xenophobic attacks will be triggered following Brexit?"

Mr Johnson replied: "Yeah, I do [condemn it]. Of course I think it is a wonderful thing that people should learn English and people living here for a long time should definitely do that and they should be helped to do that. We put a lot of money into helping people learn the language.

"However the idea you propose [of the poster] is certainly news to me and I have not heard that one."

Meanwhile, a host of heart-shaped messages of support have been stuck up at the entrance to the city council-run tower block in wake of the original poster - which was placed inside the building on the day the United Kingdom left the European Union.

Police have also today confirmed that they are yet to make any arrests in connection with the incident, but that CCTV is continuing to be monitored.

Anybody with information regarding the original poster should contact police on 101 quoting reference 36/7964/20.

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