Man labelled ‘danger to women’ jailed for punching ex-partner

Alan Hetherington has been given a two year restraining order and nine months in prison after two as

Alan Hetherington has been given a two year restraining order and nine months in prison after two assaults on his ex-partner. Picture: Norfolk Police - Credit: Archant

A robber who threatened his partner with a knife and punched her in the head repeatedly has been jailed for nine months.

Alan Hetherington posed as a police officer as he burst into a Great Yarmouth flat with an accomplice, armed with a knife, in November 2014.

He was jailed for four years for the robbery, and in 2016 was jailed for a further 16 months after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a partner.

Hetherington, 31, was due to stand trial at Norwich Crown Court on Tuesday over two fresh assaults on a former partner.

But after hearing the likely sentence he admitted common assault and ABH.

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John Kellett, prosecuting, told the court there had been a row between the pair on December 29 last year.

"He returned at 7am with a bottle of wine, pointed a knife at her and made a threat before he threw the knife on the floor," he told the court.

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"She wanted to try to retrieve it and was reaching for her phone when he grabbed her arm, hard, which is the basis for the assault."

On February 19 the pair had been out for a meal together before heading to a flat on Chaucer Road, the court heard.

"There had been a perfectly friendly evening with four people sitting and chatting," said Mr Kellett.

"[The victim] went to have a lie down and she could hear parts of a conversation which included her name.

"She got up and went towards the kitchen, when she describes the defendant getting up, coming towards her and punching her.

"She remained on her feet but the second blow knocked her to the ground. When on the ground the defendant straddled her and punched her again."

Hetherington has 38 previous convictions for 70 offences, including 12 of violence against the person, mostly women.

Mr Kellett added they were seeking a restraining order for Hetherington.

"[The victim] has moved on and would no longer have any interest in seeing the defendant," he said.

"It is a shield and not a sword. She cannot weaponise it if she invites him round and things go wrong."

Rob Pollington, for Hetherington, said; "There is very little that should be said to mitigate what was a very unpleasant two episodes in a very destructive relationship.

"He reflects upon his behaviour with a maturing attitude and can move forward with his life without her being a part of it."

Judge Anthony Bate told Hetherington: "Against women you have been a danger on a number of occasions in the past.

"Step up, mature yourself and desist from the course of conduct this court has seen from you."

Hetherington, of Gapton Hall Road, Great Yarmouth, was given a two year restraining order and jailed for nine months.

He will be released on licence as he has been in custody since February 20.

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