Mother denies consenting to sex in car after lift home with alleged rapist

Suffolk Police carried out checks in Lowestoft in the wake of the rape. Picture: Suffolk Police

Suffolk Police carried out checks in Lowestoft in the wake of the rape. Picture: Suffolk Police - Credit: Archant

A mother who claims she was raped after accepting a lift home from a stranger in the early hours of the morning has denied having consensual sex with him.

Giving evidence from behind a screen at Ipswich Crown Court on Tuesday, May 21, the woman, who is in her 30s, denied inviting Ajay Rana into her home and asking him if he "wanted some fun".

She claimed that 34-year-old Rana had said: "Can we have some kisses?" and she had agreed to let him kiss her on the cheek as a thank you for driving her home.

"I had my hand on the door and I was preparing to leave the car," she said.

The woman said Rana had then asked her if they could "have some fun", which she understood to be sex, and she said no.

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She said Rana had leant across her to shut the passenger door which was slightly open. She denied kissing him on the lips and having consensual sex with him after the passenger seat was reclined.

She also denied saying: "I know what you want. This is what you want" and trying to undo his trousers.

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'That's a lie," said the woman.

She denied a suggestion, from defence counsel Jude Durr, that she had consensual sex with Rana in his car but had immediately regretted it and claimed she had been raped.

Rana, of May Road, Lowestoft, denies rape on December 9 2017.

The court has heard that within a few days of the allegation, Rana left the country and was arrested in Spain on suspicion of the rape after a European arrest warrant was issued.

Jurors have heard how the woman had been at a nightclub in Lowestoft with a friend, before meeting an old friend and going to a house party with his group.

She went back to the man's home until 5am and was walking to a friend's house when Rana, who she had never met before, stopped and offered her a lift home.

After tracking the car to his housemate's address, police identified Rana as their suspect after matching DNA from earphones left at his house to swabs taken from the woman.

The trial continues.

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