‘It never ends’ - acid attack victim speaks out after attacker asks to move nearby

Acid attack victim Adele Bellis. Photo: Nick Butcher.

Acid attack victim Adele Bellis. Photo: Nick Butcher. - Credit: Nick Butcher

An acid attack victim has hit out after one of her attackers requested to move near to her home upon his release from prison.

Daniel Marshall. Photo: Suffolk Police.

Daniel Marshall. Photo: Suffolk Police. - Credit: Suffolk Police

Adele Bellis, from Lowestoft, said she was lost for words when she found out Daniel Marshall had asked to move back to the town.

In 2014 Miss Bellis was waiting by a bus stop when Jason Harrison threw sulphuric acid at her.

Marshall, 40, had driven Harrison to the location in order to carry out the devastating attack which caused the beautician to lose an ear and left her with severe scaring.

The attack had been ordered by Miss Bellis' ex-boyfriend Anthony Riley, who is currently serving a 13-year sentence.

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Marshall was sentenced to seven years in prison but will be released later this month – having served just half of the time.

Miss Bellis said: 'I've got no words. I've always said no, I would not let him move back to Lowestoft.

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'He was older than the others but he was just as bad. He has two teenage daughters himself but he did this to someone else's daughter.'

While Marshall's request to move back to Lowestoft has been rejected his release is an area of concern for Miss Bellis.

Especially following the release of Harrison in 2017 – who served just two-and-a-half-years for his part in the acid attack.

She said: 'It never ends; it's just another hurdle I have got to come across, another one getting out.

'It's never going to stop for me and they are going to get their lives back. My attacker is out and I'm no further forward.

'I'm still recovering, still having operations and they have done a stupid amount of time in prison.'

Miss Bellis returns to hospital every five weeks to undergo laser treatment to flatten out scar tissue and restore skin colour.

The 26-year-old believes there needs to be tougher and more consistent sentencing for those who carry out acid attacks.

She said: 'Anyone who throws acid should get a life sentence. I think that would cause a decrease in attacks.

'We are scarred for life, they should be in prison for life.'

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