A 17-year-old writer with an eye for the paranormal is hoping her new horror story will get her career off to a bone-chilling start.

Jade Klassen, from Brandon, first came up with the idea for her novel, Reflections of Darkness, when she was just 15, and completed the book in nine months.

The book is about a demon-possessed mother and daughter, and made up of 18 chapters.

Ms Klassen is originally from Canada and is a member of Mensa, with an IQ of 156, putting her in the top 1pc in the country.

She admitted she is a fan of Gothic fiction: 'The paranormal intrigues me. I have an aversion to horror books that have happy endings, I'm much more of a realist and I prefer books that end darker.'

Ms Klassen does all her own artwork for the books, and has used the Booksie website to help with the writing of the book. She hopes to self-publish the novel on Amazon's Kindle.

And despite her love of all things spooky, she is studying a much less scary subject at West Suffolk College - accountancy.

She said the course was a safety net: 'I want to be a full time writer but I know that offers an uncertain future. So I decided to train to be an Accountant and that way I can always have a steady profession and write in my spare time.

'The course at West Suffolk is excellent, she added. 'It's prepared me for my chosen career work and I'm interviewing for trainee accountancy jobs at the moment.'

If anyone would like to review her book, go to www.booksie.com/medea_rene or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/MedeaRene

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