The parents of a man who died after taking different medication, including some bought over the internet, have said they wanted to warn others of the dangers of taking some non-prescription drugs.

Daniel Barwick, 36, died at home in North Walsham on October 9 last year.

Parents Verna and Graham Barwick paid tribute to their son, who they described as a very gentle and lovely man.

Mrs Barwick said: 'We loved him very much. He was a lovely boy and was always well-mannered, peaceable and gentle.'

At a Norfolk Coroner's Court inquest today (Monday, June 12), area coroner Yvonne Blake heard Mr Barwick had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2010, and had struggled with mental illness through his life.

Mrs Blake said he was taking different prescription medicines, including anti-psychotic drugs and others to help him cope with social anxiety.

Mr Barwick was also using non-prescription medicines he had bought online to help him cope with his condition, including the pain relief medicine fentanyl.

Mrs Blake said it was the combination of these medicines, including fentanyl, which he was not prescribed, that had led to Mr Barwick's death.

She reached a short, narrative conclusion that he died 'from an unfortunate combination of prescription medication and medication purchased on the internet.'

But Mr and Mrs Barwick said it was not clear if their son had ordered fentanyl himself, or it was included in another medicine and he was not aware he was taking it.

His parents said they wanted to warn people about the risks of taking medicines bought online, particularly anything that could contain fentanyl, which had been connected to many deaths, especially in the United States.

Mr Barwick said: 'We don't know whether Daniel knowingly or unknowingly took fentanyl because it is in other drugs.

'In many cases you don't know what you are really taking, so it is potentially very dangerous.'

His parents said Mr Barwick was still sorely missed.

After leaving school he studied business, first at the University of Lincoln and later at the University of Huddersfield.

Mr Barwick also lived in London for two years, but moved back in with his parents in North Walsham about six years ago.

Mrs Barwick said they were glad he had moved back to 'the heart of the family'.

She said that in his later years her son had found God, which had helped him to cope with his mental health condition.