Arrests of children by Norfolk Police have dropped by 62pc over the last decade.

This is according to figures collated by the Howard League.

Norfolk Police arrested 955 children aged 17 and under in 2020 compared to 2,510 arrests in 2010.

The county's child arrest figures for some of the years in between were: 1,080 arrests in 2017, 1,374 arrests in 2018, and 1,448 arrests in 2019.

Research by the Howard League, a penal reform charity, has shown that the more a child comes into contact with the criminal justice system, the more crimes they go on to commit.

To prevent this, police have been working with the Howard League since 2010 to arrest fewer children.

Norfolk Police had one of the largest reductions of child arrests in the last year, of 34pc.

Detailed analysis of the data will be published by the Howard League in a briefing later this year.