A South Lynn raver who urinated towards five police officers during an illegal gathering has been given a suspended sentence.

From the top of the van with the sound system, 26-year-old Dean Kirk incited the 200-strong gathering to ignore officers’ presence and continue dancing.

He then aimed urine in the direction of officers, although no contact was made.

At Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, Kirk pleaded guilty to five counts of assault of an emergency worker, threatening behaviour, criminal damage and failure to leave land being used for a rave.

The offences occurred at The Drift in Pickwork, Rutland, in the early hours of July 19, 2020.

Prosecutor Pretty Barber said police spoke to Kirk in an effort to establish the organiser.

“The defendant attempted to negotiate with them not to stop the event,” said Miss Barber. “He said there were 200 ravers who had taken drugs who would be left in the field.

“He stated he was not the organiser of the rave but asked that it was not stopped.”

Kirk then climbed on top of the van.

“He encouraged the ravers to carry on dancing and not to co-operate with officers,” added Miss Barber, who said he warned officers that he would assault anyone who touched him.

“He then removed his trousers and urinated in the direction of the officers.

“Officers speaking to his girlfriend were told ‘if you touch my girlfriend, I’ll knock you out’.

Kirk then jumped down and was arrested. He later urinated in the police van, damaging kit.

His counsel, Shekyena Marcelle-Brown, said in mitigation: “Mr Kirk regrets what he said that day. He suffers from ADHD and when he’s in a situation like that he tends to show off.

“When he woke up the next morning he was ashamed.”

Kirk, of Brompton Place, was given 16 weeks’ custody, suspended for 18 months.

A community order was revoked and he was resentenced to 18 months with 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 70 hours’ unpaid work.

There were no separate penalties for failing to leave the land and criminal damage.

He was ordered to pay £198 in costs and victim surcharge.