People living in Norfolk are being warned of an Easter egg scam which appears to come from a Russian website.

The scam is circulating on social media and asks recipients to click on links, contained in messages on WhatsApp and Telegram, offering free chocolate.

The link includes a picture of an Easter egg including the words "free gifts for you" or "free Easter chocolate basket".

The scammers have used TinyURL which means they can disguise where the site derives from - but the message ends in '.ru', suggesting it is a Russian-based website.

The link takes you to a short quiz where you are invited to "find your prize" through a game and submit your personal information.

Trading Standards has said it is a phishing scam which aims to get personal information and data from people who click on it.

Citizens Advice has an online scam helper which can provide advice that is specific and helpful to your situation.

You can also call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline via 0808 223 1133 to report suspected scams.