Police reports have revealed the number of suspected UFO sightings reported to officers last year.

One person told police call handlers that “the skies are speaking to him”, another claimed to have spotted strange objects at UFO hot-spot Rendlesham Forest, while another wanted officers to respond as he was “being abducted by aliens”.

A Freedom of Information request revealed that there were 16 calls about UFOs (unidentified flying objects), lights in the sky, aliens or extraterrestrials recorded by Norfolk and Suffolk police in 2021.

One call came from a man in Cromer who had started a fire and told the crew "aliens have come” and told him to do it.

A caller from Fakenham claimed to have had “extraterrestrial experiences” while someone in Norwich said they had seen a UFO.

A person from Lowestoft said he had gone to Wales to “communicate with aliens”.

Meanwhile someone from Bungay called about strange lights in the sky but then added that he had now “realised this was a drone”.