Council urges community to report dog walkers wrecking busy pathway

Bin it dog poo bin in DussindaleFor : Evening NewsCopy : David BaleCopyright Archant Norfolk

Bin it dog poo bin in DussindaleFor : Evening NewsCopy : David BaleCopyright Archant Norfolk - Credit: Copyright Archant Norfolk.

The public are being urged to look out for dog walkers making the daily school run a 'nightmare' for parents.

Broadland District Council have asked for a detailed description of the culprits who are leaving the alleyway between Links Avenue and Kinsale Avenue, Hellesdon, a slippery stream of dog mess.

Wendy Westerhoff, a governor at the at Kinsale Junior School, said she walks her nine-year-old daughter to school through the alleyway and is faced with a 'shocking' site every morning.

She said: 'Every now and again it gets better but its just shocking at the moment.

'Whoever is doing this doesn't have much of a social conscience. Part of being a dog owner is clearing up after their pet.'

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The governor, 46 of Brabazon Road, said schoolchildren have made posters to prevent the irresponsible behaviour but, in some cases, these were torn down and even smeared with mess.

The problem has persisted despite the actions of the council.

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Broadland District Council said officers have carried out patrols, poster campaigns and been out to clean up affected areas.

They have spoken to residents, leafleted homes and urged people to report any offenders.

Sheree Hanna, who walks her ten-year-old daughter to the junior school, said the mess was a 'health hazard' and a 'daily nightmare'.

She added: 'On the school run every morning and afternoon the common chant from mums and dads is 'watch the poo' or 'be careful don't tread in it' as they weave their way along this narrow, unintentional assault course.

'It is particularly bad for those mums with pushchairs and younger children who love to run along the alley which is presumed safer than running along the road pavement.' Mrs Hanna said there has been a problem for the past five years since she has been walking her daughter Maisie to school.

And it has even got worse, spreading along Links Avenue.

The muck remains despite there being a dog waste bin at the end of the alleyway.

The council said anyone who is found not cleaning up after their dog can be given a £50 fixed penalty and if they refuse to pay the fine, they can be prosecuted, and may face a court appearance with a maximum penalty of £1,000.

They urge people to report anybody they see not cleaning up after their dog to 01603 430488.

If possible, the Council would like a description of the offender, whether they are male or female and their approximate age, a description of the dog, the date, time and location of the incident and the offender's address and/or vehicle registration, if known.

But it is not advised to approach the offender.

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