Pozzick, Haze-bruh and Cossey: Council to erect new signs to help tourists visiting Norfolk

How the village sign at Happisburgh will now look. Picture Archant.

How the village sign at Happisburgh will now look. Picture Archant. - Credit: Colin Finch

Did we fool you? The story below was all just a joke for April Fools Day and we can assure you that none of the signs mentioned are getting an upgrade.

The pronunciation of Norfolk towns and village have baffled visitors to Nelson's county for centuries and now the council is stepping in to help.

From Wymondham to Happisburgh, Norfolk residents have long been frustrated with holidaymakers pronouncing unnecessary syllables.

Thankfully help is at hand as Norfolk County Council is taking a break from rescuing snails from the A47 and responding to complaints about the NDR to deal with the county's most pressing issue.

The council will be changing town and village signs in Norfolk to show the correct pronunciation so tourists say them properly.

The most offending locations will be tackled first with 'Wind'm', 'Haze-bruh', 'Cossey', 'Aycle' and 'Pozzick' replacing the normal spelling.

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Abirl Tontos, who was visiting the north Norfolk coast from Spain, thinks the signs will save a lot of embarrassment for visitors.

'I was trying to get directions to Happisburgh and all of the locals said they had never heard of it,

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'Initially I thought it was my Spanish accent they were struggling but my friend from Liverpool asked the same question and they were still clueless.

'In the end we went decided to go to Holt and everyone knew where that was. It was all very confusing.'

Ebrill Ffwl, from Wales, also encountered problems when visiting Carrow Road to watch his team Swansea take on Norwich City.

'After watching Norwich beat Swansea I had drowned my sorrows with a few pints then was heading back to the Premier Inn in Costessey.

'When I asked the taxi driver to take me there he had no idea where it was so I ended up walking there instead.

'Norfolk has some of the most confusing place names in the UK and that's coming from someone who lives in a country which has a village called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.'

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